Visit & Yard Inspection Procedure

Visit to factory by buyer or representative of buyer is allowed please to all buyers both new and also old
But please note to all buyers that, before we send an invitation letter to either buyer or his representatives the following below has to be met please so we can process, pick up and also pay up all fees as per visit plans

Buyer or person in interest provides:

  • Copy of passport
  • Full address and contact number of persons to come
  • Duration of stay or visit
  • Processing fee of EUR 300 is required to be paid to cover airport pickup, hotel reservation,transportation services and also invitation letter cost

We will prepare proforma invoice for this above fee and issue to you for the payment to be made after which we will require 3 business days for the invitation letter and yard inspection form to be issued to the said client

Please contact our WhatsApp No: (+237) 673 505 373 or our 24/7 customer online service.

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