Steel Tire Wire Scrap

– The big bags size is about: 1,1 m x 1,1 m x 2 m with around 1 MT weight.
– The Big Bags can been loaded in 40 HC container where we manage to fit up to 27 MT



  • Bundles (Loops) made of only bead wire
  • Mixture of bead wire and thin wire from pyrolysis plant
  • The recovery of waste tires, through their combustion, produces a by-product named tire wire scrap or tire derived steel (TDS)
  • At visual inspection, the scrap appears as a hank of long wires characterized by the presence of few ash and iron oxide
  • No rubber and fiber contamination is detected since the temperature in the furnace easily reaches 450 °C and all contaminants (rubber/fiber) are completely burned
  • Normally, for all shipment sent, from each container some sample is tested and from what we have been given to understand by the importer or end users in India, when our material is melted in a 5kg arc furnace, the yield has been consistently at 84% min
  • Further to the above, yard visits are most welcomed as the yard is our own and you are most welcomed to see and inspect the full loading as we only specialize in exports of tyre wires from Malaysia and we believe we are Malaysia’s largest tyre wire exporters
  • We can supply the Tire Derived Scrap either as Loose-whole or Loose Chopped or Baled

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