Olive Oil & Extra Virgin

Extra Refined Virgin Olive Oil
-1L,2L,3L,5L PET Liter Bottles, plastic bottle
-Tin Containers,
– Flexi Tanks and Liter Drums.
-25MT per 40FT container
-As Buyer requested


Physical and Chemical Analysis Values:
(The values may vary within standards)
Free Fatty Acid, % m/m Oleic Acid: 0,3 maximum.
Peroxide Value, meq O2/kg: 5 maximum.
Iodine Value, WIJS: 78 – 88
Moisture and Volatile Matter, %: 0,1 maximum.
Unsaponifiable Substance, g/kg: 15 maximum.
Insoluble Substances in Ether, %: 0,05 maximum.
Specific Weight, g at 20oC: 0,910 – 0,925
Soap Content, %: Negative.
Halphen Test: Negative.
Mineral Oil Test: Negative.
Prina Oil Test: Negative

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