Mud / Blue / King Crabs

10 x 1kg / block per carton.
Thermocool boxes
Storage: 24 months under -18 degrees

Crab claw fastened and drawn up in in styrofoam box with the position of the mouth turned upward. Box at the cover of paste a bottle of mineral water who have been frozen. Side of the box hollowed out so that air would go in.


Product Name: Mud / Blue / King Crabs
Scientific name: Scylla serrata
Processing net weight: 70% – 100% N.W
Glazing: 30%
Fat content: 15% up
Style: Alive
Size: 250 – 300g up
30% female and 70% male for every shipment

A. 90% N.W. with 10% glazing.
B. 80% N.W. 20% Glazing
C. 70% N.W. 30% Glazing

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