Fresh Pomegranate

5 kg standard open top cartons
171 carton box/pallet/3420 boxes/container
Pallet Net Weight 855 kg
Maturity indices
The red color in juice equal or darker of color 12/5-rs according to the color list munsell- ph. is less than 1.85%
Quality indices
Devoid of the fissures,, wounds, bruises and rot The color of skin fruit is red Flavor depends on the ratio of sugar to acidity and it differ according to the type


Product: pomegranate
variety: 116
Size: 150-250, 250- 350, 350 – 400 +
Packing: 4.5 Kg’s Net weight,
5kg Gross weight
Pcs per carton or plastic box: 10 – 15 counts
Carton & plastic box

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