Fresh Grapes

Packaging: Plastic Box, Carton Box

Packaging In Box:

In Plastic Pack Or Punnet
(400 G, 450 G, 500g, 2.5 Kg, 4.5 Kg, 5 Kg)

Air Pallet = 80 Carton X 5 kg Shipping By Air

Container Pallet = 125 Carton If Punnet , 170 Carton If Plastic Pack

40 Ft Container Capacity = 21 Pallet

Capacity Of Continer On Punnet =2500 Carton =12.5 Ton

Capacity Of Continer On Plastic Pack On Carton Or Box = 3536 Carton = 16 Ton


Verity Description Available
Superior seedless Frosty green seedless, round berries. Fairly small to medium long, compact, tapered bunches, tart-sweet flavor. Firm flesh and tender skin. May  to  July
Flame seedless Cherry red color, seedless ,sweet-tart and crunchy June to  July
Thompson seedless also called (sultana) lady de Coverley, oval-fruited , kishmish Light green seedless, firm, round berries, sweet, juicy with a very tender skin most popular grape variety with consumers. July to august
Crimson seedless Crimson seedless grapes (color light red) are fast becoming the preferred red seedless grape in supermarkets worldwide because of their exceptional shelf life, crimson seedless grapes have a very distinctive, sweet, juicy flavor and elongated, pale pink berries. They have a crisp, firm skin with a juicy pulp. July to October
Red globe Seeded Red globe is a variety of very large, seeded red grapes with firm flesh used mainly as a table grape. June to July
Autumn royal Seedless Black color its seedless sweet than south Africans grapes the berries of the autumn royal are larger than most other grape varieties produce. The berries naturally weigh at least 8 grams June to July


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